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Did you ever want to do magic in VRChat, in a way that feel meaningful and immersive? Well, you're at the right place!

With this Magic Spell System, you'll have to draw glyphs on a magic circle in order to be able to cast spells, combine elements and spell forms to create interesting and unique spells!

If you were to encounter any problem with the installation or the asset in general, I'll gladly help you out, I'm always available in my discord, so feel free to message me there.


  • A fully interactive spell circle on which you can draw glyphs to cast magic!
  • 15 different and unique spells!
  • Two independant hands that can cast different spells from one another!
  • An in-game spell book with all the glyphs and how they work!
  • A mostly automatic setup thanks to VRCFury (You have to move some targets object in Unity).


  • This doesn't work on quest.
  • Adding this to your avatar will put the performance ranking to "VeryPoor", it should, nonetheless, not cause any major lag issues.
  • This will not be properly usable on desktop mode.

The Magic Spell System relies on drawing glyphs in order to attach magic spells to your hands, there's three important types of glyph, the element glyphs, the form glyphs, and the transfer glyph (All the glyphs are listed in the image attached).

  • The element glyph allows you to change the element of the Spell Circle
  • The form glyphs allows you to add a form to your spell, it dictates how the spell will work, and it attaches to the hand drawing the glyph
  • The transfer glyph, once drawn, will tranfer the current circle element to the hand that drew the glyph

Each spell need a form AND an element to work, you can tell which form is on your hand by looking at the symbol that appears above it, and which element by looking at the color and effect around the arm.
Each hands are completely independant from one another, meaning you can have any combinaison of spell possible.

There is also a reset spell to remove magic from the hand drawing it (It's documented in the spell book).
You do not need to reset your hand each time you want to change your form or elements, changing form or element will simply overwrite the one that's on your hand.

Controls :

  • Summon/Unsommon Spell Circle : Rock and Rock Gesture with either hands
  • Activate Circle Drawing : Point Gesture with either hands
  • Summon Spell Book : Peace Gesture with either hands (Hold to keep book closed, use other hand
    switch position)
  • Spell Controls :
    • Spray spell : Open Hand Gesture
    • Charge Spell : Fist Gesture to charge (3 seconds), then stop holding to fire
    • Weapon Spell : Fist Gesture

  • VRCFury, I won't provide support for anyone attempting to install the Magic System without it. LINK HERE
  • Poiyomi shader, used for the material setup. LINK HERE

  1. Install the two requirements above.
  2. Drag and drop the Magic Circle System on your avatar root in the Hierarchy (Where your avatar descriptor is).
  3. Resize the "Magic Circle System" object, AND ONLY THAT OBJECT, so that the "Height Reference" object matches your avatar height.
  4. Next, you will need to move some objects in order to make the Magic System fit you avatar, if your avatar is in a A-pose you also may have to rotate some objects!
    1. Under the object "Spells" Right Hand/Left Hand should be located in the palm of your hand
    2. Under the object "Pens" Right Hand/Left Hand should be located in front of the tip of your index fingers
    3. Under the object "Hands Magic Effects" Left/Right should be located in the middle of your forearms (the part of the arm between your elbow and writst), you can also move the "Arm" and "Hand" objects inside so that the graphics fits your avatar better
  5. It's ready to upload.

Here's a video tutorial for those who have trouble!

  • 50 Parameters
  • 457 Particle Systems
  • 46265 Max Particles
  • 61 Audio Sources
  • 23 Mesh Renderers

This asset was made with both Write Defaults ON and OFF in mind and should work with both setup.

Personal License

Do not:

  • Upload the asset on, or as a public avatar.
  • Re-sell or re-distribute the asset or any of the downloaded content INCLUDING:
    • Reuploading to another site for free or for sale.
    • Sending the files to a friend who has not purchased the asset.
    • Porting the asset to other software/games with the purpose of reselling or redistributing the port to others who haven't purchased the avatar.
  • Use or edit the asset in any offensive/hateful ways; such as but not limited to: homophobia, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, hate speech, etc.
  • Use for any NFT or crypto purposes.
  • Claim credit for the asset.

You may:

  • Edit the files however you please.
  • Use in Youtube / Twitter / TikTok / etc posts.
  • Port the asset to other software/games, as long as you follow the rest of the TOS.
    • Uploading the asset to another software/game where people who have not purchased it counts as re-distributing the avatar.

Commercial License :

The commercial license allows you to use this asset for commercial purposes, and to be uploaded on public avatars, as long as you follow these rules:

Proper Credit

This exact page, the asset name, and my name MUST appear/be linked on the description of your product, avatar credit, world credit, etc.


The asset has to be used as part of something else, like an avatar. Reselling it is NOT allowed, even with modifications. Selling an "Asset bundle" (or anything similar) with it inside is also NOT allowed. This MUST be used as an add-on for something else.
If you have any doubts about this rule contact me on Discord.


The part about hateful speech and NTF/Crypto still applies here:
You still may not use or edit the asset in any offensive/hateful ways; such as but not limited to: homophobia, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, hate speech, etc.
And, of course, you may not use it for any NFT or crypto purposes.


The commercial license comes with 1 (one) key per individual, you're NOT allowed to share the asset with anyone solely because you own a commercial license, anyone who wants to obtain the asset needs to buy a license as well.

Public Sharing

As stated above, the commercial license allows to to upload the asset on public avatars, you may also use the asset for other public work, such as, but not limited to, VRChat world, non-VRChat avatars/worlds, video games, etc. as long as the files are NOT shared. If the user wants to get access to the asset they must obtain their own license.

Poiyomi, for making the best shader in the world: Link

KobiHema, for making all of the graphics and promotion videos: Link

VRCFury for making an insanely useful tool: Link

TonyHema for making the tutorial video: Link

March 19 2024 :

  • Added a question in the FAQ about the circle not appearing due to particle limiter
  • Change the "Spell Book Toggle" text to "Disable Spell Book" to avoid confusion!

March 25 2024 :

  • Added some new common issues in the FAQ
  • Deleted all the target objects in the system, you now have to move other objects, this was made in an effort to remove as much parent contraints as possible
  • Added fallback bones for the fingers pens, so people who have only 2 or 1 index bone won't have an error!

March 27 2024 :

  • Fixed an issue introduced in the last updated with the left hand where spell roation would be wrong.
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No refunds

Yo! Thanks for your interest in purchasing my asset. Before you make your purchase, I kindly ask that you carefully read my refund policy shown below.

No Refunds
Due to the digital nature of VRChat content, all sales are final. Once you have gained access to the asset contents, I am unable to offer refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.

Asset Access
Upon successful payment, you will receive immediate access to the asset and everything in it. Please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate, as well as base model-related communications.

Last updated Mar 19, 2024

You'll get a Unity Package containing the whole asset, ready to be put on an avatar!

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Magic Spell System | VRChat avatar asset

74 ratings
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