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VRChat Archery System | Avatar Add-on

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Team Narehates Inc. released it's very first weapon product, a Bow with arrows, and a quiver.
If you ever wanted a properly accurate Bow and Arrow Archery System then seek no more, you're at the right place!

Features :

  • A whole Archery package containing a working bow, a quiver, and of course, arrows.
  • Right and left handed versions.
  • Toggles for each individual pieces (Having the quiver on is not required to grab arrows).
  • A more or less realistic look on archery, the bow need to be grabbed from your back, the arrows grabbed from the quiver, and manually loaded on the bow.
  • A mostly automatic setup thanks to VRCFury (Only some minor placement are nessesary).
  • Arrows that stick to surfaces! (People are not surfaces).
  • Alternate fancy "Light arrows" with cool particle effects.
  • Shading with Poiyomi.


  • This doesn't work on quest.
  • Adding this to your avatar will put the performance ranking to "VeryPoor", it should, nonetheless, not cause any major lag issues. (Unless you stick too many arrows everywhere)
  • This will not be properly usable on desktop mode.

How To Use :

The bow works more or less like a real one, hence, in order to shoot an arrow you need to follow those steps :

  1. Grab the Bow in your back with the fist gesture (Which hand depends if you're using the right or left hand version).
  2. Grab an arrow from your quiver (I made it so you don't need the quiver active to grab an arrows in case you like it that way).
  3. Load the arrow by grabbing the string of the bow, in the middle.
  4. Shoot the arrow!

Requirement :

  • VRCFury, I won't provide support for anyone attempting to install the Archery System without it. LINK HERE
  • Poiyomi shader, used for the material setup. LINK HERE

Installation :

  1. Install the two requirements above.
  2. Drag and drop the Archery Prefab, right or left, on your avatar root in the Hierarchy (Where your avatar descriptor is).
    • If you have to rescale anything, only rescale the root object "Archery Prefab", otherwise the Arrow size will be inconsistent between objects.
  3. Inside the Archery Prefab you'll find 6 objects, 4 of those need to be manually moved to fit your avatar.
    • "Arrow Position Hand" should be placed on your hand, as if your character was grabbing an arrow.
    • "Bow Position Back" should be placed in your back, it's the rest position of the bow, where you gonna grab it from.
    • "Bow Position Hand" should be as if you were grabbing the bow, ready the load an arrow.
    • "Quiver" should be somewhere on your Hips, where you think it make the most sense.
  4. It's ready to upload.

If you have ANY problem with the installation or the plush in general, I offer support on my discord server and would gladly help you!
Link is just below.


Term of Service:

Personal License

Do not:

  • Upload the asset on, or as a public avatar.
  • Re-sell or re-distribute the asset or any of the downloaded content INCLUDING:
    • Reuploading to another site for free or for sale.
    • Sending the files to a friend who has not purchased the asset.
    • Porting the asset to other software/games with the purpose of reselling or redistributing the port to others who haven't purchased the avatar.
  • Use or edit the asset in any offensive/hateful ways; such as but not limited to: homophobia, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, hate speech, etc.
  • Use for any NFT or crypto purposes.
  • Claim credit for the asset.

You may:

  • Edit the files however you please.
  • Use in Youtube / Twitter / TikTok / etc posts.
  • Port the asset to other software/games, as long as you follow the rest of the TOS.
    • Uploading the asset to another software/game where people who have not purchased it counts as re-distributing the avatar.

Commercial License :

The commercial license allows you to use this asset for commercial purposes, and to be uploaded on public avatars, as long as you follow these rules:

Proper Credit

This exact page, the asset name, and my name MUST appear/be linked on the description of your product, avatar credit, world credit, etc.


The asset has to be used as part of something else, like an avatar. Reselling it is NOT allowed, even with modifications. Selling an "Asset bundle" (or anything similar) with it inside is also NOT allowed. This MUST be used as an add-on for something else.
If you have any doubts about this rule contact me on Discord.


The part about hateful speech and NTF/Crypto still applies here:
You still may not use or edit the asset in any offensive/hateful ways; such as but not limited to: homophobia, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, hate speech, etc.
And, of course, you may not use it for any NFT or crypto purposes.


The commercial license comes with 1 (one) key per individual, you're NOT allowed to share the asset with anyone solely because you own a commercial license, anyone who wants to obtain the asset needs to buy a license as well.

Public Sharing

As stated above, the commercial license allows to to upload the asset on public avatars, you may also use the asset for other public work, such as, but not limited to, VRChat world, non-VRChat avatars/worlds, video games, etc. as long as the files are NOT shared. If the user wants to get access to the asset they must obtain their own license.


December 7th 2023:

  • Fixed a bug where the bow would automatically shoot arrows while in the back.
  • Fixed the icons being too big, preventing upload.
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No Refunds
Due to the digital nature of VRChat content, all sales are final. Once you have gained access to the base model contents, I am unable to offer refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.

Model Access
Upon successful payment, you will receive immediate access to the base model and all attached assets. Please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate, as well as base model-related communications.

Last updated Sep 6, 2023

A Unity package of all the files nessesary for the Bow the work, with a left and right hand prefab, aswell as a Blender file of the the props

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VRChat Archery System | Avatar Add-on

16 ratings
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