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Zaishin | VRChat Avatar Base

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In the montains, above the clouds, lives Zaishin, the Wind Monk Dragon, and after many years spend training and refining his skills, he finally descent and set out for an adventure!

Wanna try the avatar before buying it?
You can favorite the sample version through the website HERE to try it later!

Also hey~, if you like the avatar, consider joining my VRChat group, we have meetups for all my avatar enthusiast every Saturday!
Link here!


  • Complete avatar ready to upload, fully rigged, textured, etc. fully set up for VRChat.
  • Shading with Poiyomi version 8.1.167 (note that you're not obliged to use it, not guaranteed to work on lower versions).
  • Fully setup Substance Painter file for retexturing purposes.
  • Quest-compatible version.
  • 5 Right-hand gestures for controlling mouth expressions, and 5 Left-hand gestures for controlling eye expressions, allowing combinations of expressions.
  • Toggleable clothing.
  • Fully set up physbones wherever needed.
  • Combat staff controlled with gestures, that can be wielded one handed, with right or left hand, or both hand, and thrown like a boomerang.
  • Face Tracking Blendshapes included, but not setup! (Unified Expressions standard, meaning it's compatible with any face tracking standard)


If you were to encounter any problem with the installation or the model in general, I'll gladly help you out, I'm always available in my discord, so feel free to message me there.

Link here :



  • Poiyomi version 8.1.167 or newer
    If you don't install this beforehand your materials will be broken and you'll need to reassign them.
  • Substance 3D Painter v9.0.1 (2023) or newer is required in order to open the SPP template.


Staff controls:

Fist gestures controls how you grab the staff, meaning only a right hand fist will put the staff in your right hand, only a left fist will put the staff in your left hand, both fist will grab the staff with both your hands.
Once the staff is in either your hands, you can make it spin by doing a open hand gesture, and throw it with a point gesture.


This avatar has "VeryBad" performance ranking mainly due to the particles on the staff, it is possible to lower it to "Bad" pretty easily by removing the clothing and the staff.
The body mesh has 78k polygons, and 115k with clothing.

Term of use:

Do not:

  • Re-sell or re-distribute the avatar or any of the downloaded content INCLUDING:
    • Reuploading to another site for free or for sale.
    • Sending the files to a friend who has not purchased the base.
    • Porting the avatar to other software/games with the purpose of reselling or redistributing the port to others who haven't purchased the avatar.
  • Upload as a public avatar on VRChat or any other platforms.
  • Use or edit the avatar in any offensive/hateful ways; such as but not limited to: homophobia, transphobia, racism, antisemitism, hate speech, etc.
  • Use for any NFT or crypto purposes.
  • Claim credit for the base.

You may:

  • Edit the files however you please.
  • Use as a streaming avatar.
  • Use in Youtube / Twitter / TikTok / etc posts.
  • Use the avatar for R-18 edits and activities.
  • Port the avatar to other software/games, as long as you follow the rest of the TOS.
    • Uploading the avatar to another software/game where people who have not purchased it counts as re-distributing the avatar.


Poiyomi, for making the best shader in the world: Link

KobiHema, for making most of the graphics: Link

BluWizard for making the substance painter files and PSD files: Link

Tony Hema for making the MMD patcher : Link

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You'll get a Unity package containing everything you need to upload it, a Substance Painter file to edit the textures however you want, a .blend file of the model, a .fbx of the model, and PSD exported files from the substance painter file

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Zaishin | VRChat Avatar Base

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