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Spirety | VRChat avatar base

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Long forgotten, the half-deities, known as Spirety finally descended from the sky, up above, where they use to keep watch of the world. Equipped with their holy sword and their light powers, their goal is to protect and bring balance to this world.

The Spirety is a VRChat avatar all designed and modeled by me.

Wanna try the avatar before buying it?
You can favorite the sample version through the website HERE to try it later!

Also hey~, if you like the avatar, consider joining my VRChat group, we have meetups for all my avatar enthusiast every Saturday!
Link here!


  • Complete avatar ready to upload, fully rigged, textured, etc. fully set up for VRChat.
  • Shading with Poiyomi version 8.0.426 (note that you're not obliged to use it, but it will also break some animations if you don't, not guaranteed to work on lower versions).
  • Quest-compatible version (highly unoptimized! it's a port, not a separate avatar).
  • Full face-tracking compatible (different scenes are available for face tracking).
  • 4 Right-hand gestures for controlling mouth expressions, and 6 Left-hand gestures for controlling eye expressions, allowing combinations of expressions.
  • Toggleable armor plates and sword.
  • Slider to control the wings' opening and size.
  • Color sliders for the body, feathers, hair, and eyes.
  • Controllable Pupil's shape.
  • "Power up" toggle.
  • Custom-made spring ball joint with in-game sliders to adjust the physics.
  • Fully set up physbones wherever needed.


  1. Download the VRC creator companion: Link.
  2. Create a new blank project.
  3. (Optional) Download Poiyomi shader here (Version 8.0.426 or above) and import it into your project, you can skip this step if you're only using the quest version (If you don't wanna use Poiyomi on PC then go see additional notes 1).
  4. (Optional) if you want face tracking you'll have to download the face tracking template (version 3.6.1, different versions might not work) here, and import it as well.
  5. Import the Spirety Unity Package into the project.
  6. In the "Scenes" folder, open the scene you want to use (PC or Quest, and with or without Face Tracking).
  7. Use the VRCSDK panel to upload the avatar to your account, if you encounter any "Fix now" warnings, you can apply them, expect the shader keyword one.

If you're on Quest you will have to click "Switch build target to Android"

Poiyomi will probably ask you to do something when uploading too, which you should accept.


1. IT'S EASIER TO JUST INSTALL POIYOMI, but if you wanna use the quest shader for whatever reason, go to the folder Spirety > Materials > Quest, then expand the avatar in the hierarchy tab, and for each blue objects (Except "Armature" and everything in it), which are meshes, you'll have to drag and drop the corresponding materials to the skin renderer component material slots.

2. If you want the avatar to be seen on quest and PC you'll need to upload both versions, following the same steps, and use the same blueprint ID: When doing the second upload go to "Content Manager" in the VRCSDK panel, find the first upload, "Copy ID", and paste it in the Pipeline Manager component on the root of the avatar.

3. If your materials where to go all magenta, in the files explorer go to Spirety > Materials, select all materials there and in the inspector tab reassign them to Poiyomi Outline.


If you were to encounter any problem with the installation or the model in general, I'll gladly help you out, I'm always available in my discord, so feel free to message me there.

Link here :



Most of the assets for the character are inside the folder "Spirety", "Card" is just the stuff for my business card, "Scenes" are all the scenes that are set up for upload.

Inside "Spirety," you'll find folders corresponding to each asset:

  • Materials for materials.
    • Particles are for particle materials.
    • Quest for the quest-compatible materials.
  • Textures for textures.
  • Icons for every toggle icon and particle texture.
  • Expressions contain all the necessary files to make the expression menu work (Menus, parameters, and animation controllers).
    • FaceTracking are the files for the face-tracking version.
    • NoFaceTracking are the files for the version without face tracking.
  • Animations - Contains every animation file.


All the blue stuff is part of the prefab, hence, shouldn't be changed

PhyBones - Contains all the phybone's logic of the avatar, note that I have put the physbones component on different objects there so it's easier to navigate.

Particles - Contain all the particle effects of the avatar (Except the card), they are all attached to the corresponding body part via a parent constraint component inside the objects.

World Constraint - Contain the logic for the spring ball joint.

FX layer:


If you ever have problems with the gestures acting weird check if you added a write default ON state.

In order to make the dual gesture work I had to break down the gesture to one layer per gesture, if you need to make additional gestures, you'll have to create ON AND OFF animations, that you need to put in the corresponding hand gesture, in the OFF and ON states.

The rest is for all the toggles, slider, and face tracking if you use it.


VRCface tracking and the template I used: Link and Link

Poiyomi, for making the best shader in the world: Link

VRlab, for their worldConstaint object (Used for the SpringBallJoint): Link

KobiHema and SlushyOtter for helping in making the substance painter file: KobiHema link - SlushyOtter Link


  • Upon purchase, you are free to edit the files however you like.
  • Do not resell or share the assets (commissioning for edits are fine as long as each party owns it)
  • Uploading the avatar as a public avatar is allowed, AS LONG AS THE FILES ARE NOT BEING SHARED, adding credit to me is HIGHLY appreciated in this case
  • Using the model for streaming, videos, or any other media is allowed as long as credit is given to me

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Yo! Thanks for your interest in purchasing my base model. Before you make your purchase, I kindly ask that you carefully read my refund policy shown below.

No Refunds
Due to the digital nature of VRChat content, all sales are final. Once you have gained access to the base model contents, I am unable to offer refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms.

Model Access
Upon successful payment, you will receive immediate access to the base model and all attached assets. Please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate, as well as base model-related communications.

Last updated Aug 1, 2023

You'll get a Unity package containing everything you need to upload it, a Substance Painter file to edit the textures however you want, a .blend file of the model, a .fbx of the model, and PSD exported files from the substance painter file

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Spirety | VRChat avatar base

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